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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Shot in genuine mediaeval lighting 
16th-Dec-2012 04:17 pm
Last week's Merlin ended with Morgana definitely declaring all-out war on Camelot, for realz this time, honest. So "The Drawing of the Dark" will definitely involve massed armies of warlocks and dragons going against Arthur, and not just another lone druid titting about in the woods, right? LOL WRONG!

At least this week the druid in question is Mordred's girlfriend, whose execution sees him finally turn against Arthur as he is destined to do and etc. Merlin is largely concerned with making sure Arthur doesn't alienate Mordred, because it's not like MERLIN HIMSELF HAS SPENT THE ENTIRETY OF THE SEASON DOING JUST THAT, is it?

Anyway it's not like Kara's wrong about Arthur, is she? He's spent the last two years saying "I am definitely different from my father" then implementing the exact same policies, then putting his hands up and saying "hey, its the law, what can I do, I only have ABSOLUTE POWER so my hands are tied."

SOSSERY! count nil, but one SOSSERORS! early on.

GAYWATCH! There could have been full-on bumming orgies for all I know, I wouldn't have seen them. Were they economizing on light bulbs this week or what? NB, when the Radio Times praises the series for getting "darker," I don't think they mean it quite that literally.
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