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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 40: "EVEN fatter" = "win" 
19th-Dec-2012 01:21 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, I get excited over a little free chocolate with my latte, as you would.

I'd consider adding "Jessica Christ!" to my vocabulary of exclamations, but Jessie J might think I meant her #privatesonparade
11:14 AM - 12 Dec 12

Frozen spider-webs this morning http://twitpic.com/blbci4
12:53 PM - 12 Dec 12

More frozen spider-webs in Greenwich http://twitpic.com/blbcta
12:54 PM - 12 Dec 12

I wonder how often I'll "just happen to" use the alleyway by the Noël Coward stage door in the next 3 months?
6:54 PM - 12 Dec 12

Tonight's show was @OughtToBeClowns' recommendation, so if it's shit I'm blaming him.
7:09 PM - 12 Dec 12

Well this is indeed, as advertised, a bit batshit mental #intervaltweets
8:46 PM - 12 Dec 12

simple8 doing a pair of shows at the Arcola next year; could be worth a look, their 4 Stages of Cruelty was pretty good http://www.arcolatheatre.com/production/arcola/the-cabinet-of-dr-caligari
12:18 PM - 13 Dec 12

Oh and the Union's doing Chess in Feb - I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine! http://upandcoming.webeden.co.uk/#/chess/4569833780
3:41 PM - 13 Dec 12

"There's no ordinary venue! It's Iceland, or the Philippines, or... Hastings..." #onenightinbangkok
3:52 PM - 13 Dec 12

Theatrical Spot: Jack Laskey in the Young Vic bar.
7:13 PM - 13 Dec 12

@mzendle maybe he's hoping if he hangs around enough they'll employ him again?
7:17 PM - 13 Dec 12

@mzendle well exactly, don't think I've seen him in anything since Nice Indoor Lake Shame About The Play.
7:21 PM - 13 Dec 12

You know your theatregoing's an addiction when "home before 9:30" is a special rare treat.
9:22 PM - 13 Dec 12

In other news, this has been a good week for looking at attractive actors called Sam.
9:23 PM - 13 Dec 12

I'm just saying, if you buy a Victorian-sized pram, it might make getting on buses tricky. It's not *everyone else's* problem.
11:38 AM - 14 Dec 12

Oh Royal Court, you and your "advance" email updates four hours *after* booking opens.
3:59 PM - 14 Dec 12

Yes, OF COURSE Ridley put a bit about soldiers torturing prisoners into a kids' show #intervaltweets
8:47 PM - 14 Dec 12

I always knew this journey could be improved by being made slower, on a much dirtier train.
9:01 AM - 15 Dec 12

I approve of this Nero praline latte. Especially since I had a full loyalty card & got it for free.
11:45 AM - 15 Dec 12

Also it comes with a little chocolate on the side so I win. If "get EVEN fatter" = "win."
11:49 AM - 15 Dec 12

Jesus Christ bloke on train, has your finger come out of your nose in the last hour? YOU ARE A GROWN-UP!
6:42 PM - 15 Dec 12

Not only am I nearly home, but there'll be no X Factor waiting for me there. It's just all win.
8:12 PM - 15 Dec 12

@Weez those Shakespearean bibs I mentioned; not his deepest-ever musings on the human condition, I'll grant you http://twitpic.com/bmihm0
2:14 PM - 16 Dec 12

Directions for visitors at North Greenwich http://twitpic.com/bmiiah
2:16 PM - 16 Dec 12

@MrAlFox re Merlin: Not "premature axing" - they ACTUALLY PLANNED ALL ALONG to have five years of zero plot movement.
3:56 PM - 16 Dec 12

Spoiler: Emeli Sande wins Sports Personality of the year.
7:51 PM - 16 Dec 12

My mum loves Mo. She doesn't give a shit about the medals, he BEAT THE CUBE! #spoty
9:22 PM - 16 Dec 12

"It's sad that these people died, but more importantly, Emeli Sande has a record out! Several, probably." #spoty
10:11 PM - 16 Dec 12

Theatrical Spot: Dominic Rowan at the Royal Court, smiling. LOL NOT REALLY!
7:14 PM - 17 Dec 12

I like to imagine the real-life Terry/Ready relationship involves her regularly barking KISS! at him #intherepublicofwhatthefuck
9:25 PM - 17 Dec 12
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