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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 41: Never mind the Apocalypse 
26th-Dec-2012 04:24 pm
This week on my Twitter feed was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. At least I hope I don't have a vermin infestation. Also, the world was supposed to end, and then it didn't.

So that BBC3 trailer suggests Wooton's in the new series of Being Human. Unfortunately this means I now have to destroy the earth.
4:55 PM - 19 Dec 12

Sleb Spot: Lindsay Duncan at Soho Theatre.
7:19 PM - 19 Dec 12

Not Dorota = no1curr #gossipgirlfinale
1:22 PM - 20 Dec 12

In other news, @The_Globe brochure has arrived - it's looking like 3 Henry Sixes in 3 days for me.
1:34 PM - 20 Dec 12

@Elsiebrewster If all goes to plan, I will only be one Shakespeare short of a full set this time next year.
1:39 PM - 20 Dec 12

@RhianBWatts @Elsiebrewster Kinsmen; I've currently also got the Henries and Titus, which next year should sort out.
1:48 PM - 20 Dec 12

@Weez @RhianBWatts @Elsiebrewster if people count Pericles they should def count Kinsmen, it's no more contentious (less so, really.)
3:32 PM - 20 Dec 12

You can tell how much I've been looking forward to Viva Forever tonight - I never even noticed my tickets never arrived in the post.
5:01 PM - 20 Dec 12

My sister wants snacks so says "meet me at Boots!" I know they sell some food but...would that really be the first shop you thought of?
5:57 PM - 20 Dec 12

Theatrical Spot: Simon Darwen falling over in Pret. ALWAYS CENTRE OF ATTENTION, THESE ACTORS!
6:31 PM - 20 Dec 12

Dear everyone on earth: Hashtag jokes are ONLY funny on twitter #intervaltweets
8:45 PM - 20 Dec 12

You don't know the word "clusterfuck," spellcheck? You clearly still have things to learn about my reviewing style.
11:13 PM - 20 Dec 12

Never mind the Apocalypse, it's Winter Solstice, bitches! Slightly longer days from here on! *chair dance*
12:42 PM - 21 Dec 12

""carousel" musical feminist critique" #bloghitsoftheweek how about "kill it with fire?"
12:35 PM - 23 Dec 12

"lesbians ado very hairy witch" #bloghitsoftheweek
12:36 PM - 23 Dec 12

"harrison fords tighty whities" #bloghitsoftheweek not an image I needed, to be honest.
12:37 PM - 23 Dec 12

"parade of privates" #bloghitsoftheweek I see what you've done wrong there...
12:38 PM - 23 Dec 12

"mother courage 2" #bloghitsoftheweek A sequel would have to be pretty short - she's run out of kids.
12:39 PM - 23 Dec 12

When did Karen from #outnumbered turn into Hermione Granger?
10:21 PM - 24 Dec 12

Happy First Post-Apocalyptic Christmas!
12:03 AM - 25 Dec 12

It's a penguin! With a rubber glove on its head! So everyone thinks it's a chicken! #stillmakesmelaugh
10:12 AM - 25 Dec 12

Conor Maynard is the least convincing popstar EVAR, and not just cause he looks like singing causes him physical pain #totp
2:10 PM - 25 Dec 12

His singing certainly causes ME pain AHAHAHAHAHAHetc.
2:11 PM - 25 Dec 12

Blimey, that one off Girls Aloud has had some work done. Either that or they've replaced her with Tess Daly #totp
2:32 PM - 25 Dec 12

"Originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Ask your mum." ASK YOUR MUM??? #fatwaonreggie #totp
2:43 PM - 25 Dec 12

What kids are ACTUALLY asking right now: "Mum, what's a Top of the Pops?" #totp
2:45 PM - 25 Dec 12

Queen's Speech time! Please stand for Emeli Sandé with the National Anthem, "Read All About It." #compulsory
3:00 PM - 25 Dec 12

Doctor's face in the credits! #doctorwho
5:21 PM - 25 Dec 12

It's weird using someone else's laptop. The desktop background's Safe For Work and everything.
7:44 PM - 25 Dec 12

Wait, EX-Dragons' Den star Hilary Devey? Don't tell me she's taken her shoulder pads and gone? :(
9:00 PM - 25 Dec 12
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