nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Dark to dark

It's December, apparently. You know it really doesn't seem to be registering with me. I got into work yesterday morning, turned the page on my desk calendar, and was really surprised to spot a cluster of grayed out days towards the end of the month. For a couple of seconds I thought "oh, are there bank holidays this month?" before going "oh, right, Christmas."

December means my birthday, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, but none of these have registered with me so far this year, despite the abundance of festive imagery in the shops, in the streets, in the press and on TV. Or maybe because of it - after all, I'm always grumbling about how early the decorations start going up, earlier every year for maximum commercial potential. As there's hardly any time in the year left when it isn't XmasTM any more, there's nothing left to single out the weeks when it finally is creeping up.

Meanwhile, the first of the month means things going really hectic at work. On top of the usual invoice-running rush, one of our customers had introduced a new ordering system, but hadn't got round to telling the people who work there, so chaos rather predictably ensued. I couldn't possibly say what kind of place does that but they're a Big, Big Corporation anyway1. It being Friday, I couldn't face being stuck at the office late doing overtime, so I decided to pre-empt it by going in early instead. I arrived at 7:20 *shudder*

Actually all things told it wasn't too bad - I'm what qualifies in our company as a "late" worker so most of the rest of Customer Services are in at that time anyway (they leave mid-afternoon.) I might keep doing this in future 'cause it's less depressing than being stuck on my own at the end of the day, just getting a head start while there's other people there. But by getting in at 7:20 and leaving at 5:30pm, it was dark when I got in and dark again when I left. I spent all the daylight hours in the office. That's just weird. As for working ten straight hours... I know there's people who do that as a matter of course but I can only imagine they get paid a hell of a lot more than I do 'cause that's just soul-destroying.

Right then, December 1st is out of the way... time to deal with the rest of it.

1Oh and yes, The Princess was the contact dealing with this from our side, which should explain why some massive errors setting it up got completely overlooked. But it's OK 'cause the serfs'll do the donkey work and sort it out. Have another bonus, Princess!

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