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Wood. Would.

Well as I'd mentioned I actually got into I'm a Celebrity this year, against my better judgement. I'm actually glad I did, if only because there was a genuine surprise in the result. After this summer's Big Brother 7: Revenge of the Foregone Conclusion it was nice to get a winner nobody expected, least of all Matt Willis himself. On Thursday I predicted in my daily-ish email to Penny that Dean Gaffney and Matt would be the evictees. I was right about Dean but next out was David Gest - I was surprised, I thought people would keep him in until the end for entertainment value, then not let him win.

On Friday, my finale prediction was Jason Donovan 1st, Maureen Myleene 2nd, Matt 3rd, and it turned out I had them precisely the wrong way round! (Although technically I was right about Maureen Myleene because she did indeed come second.) Funnily enough by the end Matt was my favourite, which was one of the reasons I figured he had no chance. In these reality shows I always like the one with the dry sense of humour who goes into the Diary Room (or "Bush Telegraph" as we're meant to think of it here) and is able to take a step away from the whole surreal experience. But they never seem to connect with most of the public, and someone flashier wins. On this show all three finalists fulfilled more of a "genuinely nice person" role than the traditional "freakshow" element, but even so I was genuinely shocked to see Housewives' ChoiceTM Jason Donovan not win, let alone come third.

Meanwhile as well as liking Willis' sense of humour, I was stuck in the bizarre dilemma of wondering whether I fancy him or not. Bizarre 'cause, well, usually you just tend to know, innit?

Whenever I wasn't watching the show I vaguely thought that I found him cute, but while his skin has definitely cleared up a lot since his days in Busted, whenever he actually came on screen I was slightly taken aback by my not actually finding him particularly attractive. I don't fancy him, but I Absolutely Would With Bells On. The answer has to be usual suspect that a sense of humour is just sexy regardless; plus the definite feeling that if you got him into bed he'd definitely put an effort in. (Incidentally his album is a lot better than you'd expect; marred only by his odd insistence on trying to sing in an American accent. And failing.)

As for the undeniable star of the show, David Gest, rumours in the papers have him being offered his own chatshow. Of course this is just the tabs making stuff up to try and stretch out the interest past the show's finale, but how much do I want it to be true? Can't you just imagine Gest as an interviewer?

"Welcome to the show, Denise Van Outen! So, Denise, how many legs did your parents have? Mine had one each. Fancy staying in an albino hotel? Vaginica's cleaned a room for you specially."

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