nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Famous last words: "What harm could it do?"

Although for over eight years I've been very strict about trying to keep my personal life separate from work, I did come out to a couple of people here last month. Since then one of them has been asking for my blog address and today I relented so vanessaw is now on my friends page. In retrospect perhaps the timing wasn't ideal, just after I'd done a post about wanking, but what can you do? I do worry a bit about letting anyone in - not because I'm ashamed of my personal life but because, as the three people reading this will know by now, our work politics are such that you wouldn't want to give anyone any ammunition they could use. But since I've also now got her own lj name I think we're safe. (Like the Delirium avatar btw. Worrying, although not entirely surprising, how many people on the internet associate with her...)

Since I do sometimes post about work here I probably should have done a more thorough check of what I've actually said about her on here, but I can't imagine it's anything worse than "I hate her and want her to die slowly and horribly." And I say that sort of thing to people's faces all the time anyway so I can't see the harm. Wait - HANG ON! You don't think that, and my well-documented lack of a social life, could be in any way connected, do you?

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