nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Alone again, naturally

I guess going out more often is going to mean more duff nights out as well, and last night was a bit like that really.

It was just me and Simon last night because Mike's had a motorcycle accident (he's fine.) When I got to the Rose & Crown though Simon had bumped into his friend Stuart and Stuart's housemate Ben. Stuart was kinda hot and they were both nice enough but we didn't really find much to talk about - they share Simon's extreme fascination with 80's sitcoms, which I can't quite dredge up the same amount of enthusiasm for.

Simon had been woken up at 5am by a toothache so he was more subdued than usual, but we still moved on to the Powder Monkey, which was pretty dead. Compared to last week the dance floor was empty. Now there's a couple of people I met on Thursday who I wouldn't have minded seeing again, but instead I saw the woman with a cowpat on her head. Unfortunately the empty dancefloor meant I couldn't pretend not to have seen her, so to avoid seeming too cunty I had to say hello. I asked her about the impromptu party on Thursday and she said she hadn't enjoyed it 'cause the others had just paired up. Hmm - JJ paired up with the uber-camp boy? Well there's no accounting for taste I guess. I said 'bye but she followed me back to the others, so I had to introduce her before blanking her until she got the message. See what being nice does to you? I ended up talking to someone I didn't want to and seeming a bit cunty all the same. Fuck that, next time I'll just be rude.

The tiredness having got to him, Simon went home not too long after we got there, and the others weren't too far behind him. So I was left alone once again, and stuck around at the edge of the dancefloor until I'd finished my drink. It was busier now but the crowd was overall a bit younger than last week, and I wasn't exactly getting any interest from anybody. I wasn't actually down or upset, don't get me wrong, I was just bored. Plus being a bit behind on my sleep meant I'd got drunker than I normally would have on four Buds so I just went to the loo - once again a night out where the closest I got to anyone else's genitals was at the next urinal, where a cute rugby-ish guy next to me had a disappointingly skinny little cock - and then went home just after midnight.

Not a night where anything bad happened at least, but a bit of a damp squib all things told. Still, at least it meant I didn't spend too much on drinks, which is just as well given my recent spending.
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