nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Gratuitous Harry photo

No, not that Harry. The other one.

Yesterday the free London papers were getting all excitable about a fight that broke out at whatever the latest cool club is. Oh my god, lots of major celebrities like Madonna and Prince Harry were involved in a crazy fistfight! Well... The fight happened outside the club, and Madge and co were inside at the time. No proper famouses were caught up in the fight. The brawl involved Donny Tourette's band, Towers of London. Like I say, no proper famouses were caught up in the fight.

Here is Prince Harry leaving by the back door to avoid the kerfuffle.
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That's right, there's aggro going on, and Prince Harry is headed away from it! I think this is what's called personal growth - although it seems a bit backwards that someone would spend a couple of years in combat training and end up less fightey than he was before.
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